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Advancing in the game of payables and receivables

Play by your own rules – customize approval policies


You pay a lot of bills. Before paying the big
ones, you want someone to approve them. For the really big ones, you want
several someones to approve (maybe even some particular someones). You aren't
just anyone: you call the shots, you make the rules. Wanna know more? To customize your approval
policies (beta), contact us.

nimbly – fix ePayment failures

Typos. New bank accounts. Forgetfulness. They
happen. But if they result in your missing a payment to a vendor, you want to
jump on it. Fast. If you miss making a payment due to an
erroneous vendor bank account number or routing number, we flag it in your To
Do list, ASAP. We email your vendor and tell them exactly what happened. We
email you and explain exactly what to do. Jump nimbly.

secure'r – choose additional security 

LockWe've always got you covered. Now we've added
armor plating. When something catches our attention, we send a security code to
your phone. Then we prompt you to enter the code in your account, so
we know everything is OK. The only person who should view and use your
sensitive information is you. Learn more. To set up this additional
security, contact us.

Sync AND swim – connect with Xero

XeroDo your accounting in the cloud with Xero? Syncing brings over
everything from Xero that you need for your payables and receivables: vendors,
customers, products, and details. Syncing also sends your payables and
receivables transactions back to Xero, efficiently keeping your accounting
up-to-date. We work together, swimmingly.
 Interested? Currently
sync with another accounting system, but want to move to Xero? Contact us.

and conquer – keep ePayments separate

Schedule a lot of ePayments to the same vendor?
If you schedule them for the same day, we’ve always combined the payments and
made one electronic transfer to your vendor.
But sometimes you want to send
separate ePayments. Maybe you (and your vendor) like the simplicity of
reconciling specific bills with specific ePayments. Whatever the reason, we now
give you a choice: make specific payments on separate electronic transfers, or
combine payments onto one ePayment. When it comes to dividing, you do the
deciding. Learn more.

Team Chat - 

We're trying something new! To reach as many of
our amazing customers as possible, we've decided to host an open chat session
with our product team (instead of our usual webinar). Get to know us and better. Sign up now!


Stare Into My Crystal Ball: My Predictions for 2013

PredictionsAs an
entrepreneur, one of the best parts of your job is coming up with great new
ideas. And, working in the technology industry, some of the most fun comes each
December when you are inevitably asked to speculate on what great new strides
our industry will make in the coming year. While I don’t own a crystal ball, I
do have a lot of years in Silicon Valley under my belt. So I feel confident
that at least some of my predictions will come true this year. 

further ado, I give you my top ten predictions for 2013:

  1. Social media will weave itself into the everyday
    lives of people, especially businesses, in a more pervasive way than ever
    before.  I know this may seem obvious,
    but it is worth saying: social is going to become more ingrained this year than
    you ever thought possible.
  2. Businesses will have to find ways to be more
    efficient with less, especially given the slow economic growth and the expected
    minor inflation in Q4 of 2013. This means more cloud services, which are known
    for reducing costs, will be utilized and developed.
  3. Mobile will firmly insert itself into the
    everyday life of businesses.  Businesses will expect more  apps on their phones that take care of business.
  4. Desktop accounting software will continue its
    decline. In fact, the decline will speed up as the benefits of cloud
    (social and mobile in particular) become expected.
  5. The iPad mini will accelerate the ebook
    revolution.  Because of this, many more magazines will stop their paper
    versions, especially vertical publications.
  6. Investing in social will drop dramatically
    because social simply cannot be monetized as a standalone product. Instead,
    companies with real business models will pick up the social and mobile mantle.
  7. Our society will become more and more paperless, and
    the products that make this happen will grow faster than other businesses.
  8. There will be more collaboration across
    companies.   Faced with economic constraints, companies will learn to use
    the cloud to easily leverage each other’s innovation and intellectual property  The result will be better businesses and
    better solutions.  Companies will come together to solve big business problems.
    And hopefully this spirit of collaboration will even carry to D.C.
  9. ePayments will become standard business practice,
    not just because of the paperless benefits mentioned above but because
    ePayments help people work smarter and faster.
  10. 2013 will be the year of the business payment network.
    Credit cards will be a thing of the past as a new generation of ePayment-fueled
    business payment networks emerge. I will share more with you on this prediction
    shortly so watch this space.

So, there you have my list. If only half of these
predictions come true, we will see major advancements in 2013. I’m looking
forward to another exciting year and is committed to helping drive the
innovation needed to make the promise of the cloud a business reality for financial
professionals everywhere.

René Lacerte, CEO and Founder,

You are the Champions: Thanks for an Award-Worthy Year

As 2012 comes to an end, I am pleased to be
surrounded not just by wonderful family, friends and co-workers, but by a bevvy
of glistening awards. I mention these awards not to brag, but to give thanks to
you, our customers, for making them possible.

2012 was an amazing year for We’ve
grown our customer base rapidly, added major new solutions for the banking
industry as well as our existing finance and accounting customers, enhanced our
platform, and ignited a new developer community. And along the way we have
picked up awards for everything from our innovation to our customer service.

Please know that we are thankful every day
for all of the insight, feedback and straight-out advice that you, our
customers, give us about our business and our solution. You push us to do more,
to dream big. You share in this list of awards. Enjoy—and here’s to going for
gold together again in 2013!

René Lacerte, CEO and Founder


Corporate Awards

  • AlwaysOn OnDemand Top 100 Winner
  • Best in Biz Awards
  • JMP Hot 100 Software Companies

Product Innovation Awards

  • Barlow Research Client Conference
    Innovation Showcase Award “Best in Show” 2012
  • Business Intelligence Group’s
    2012 Product of the Year
  • K2 Enterprise 2012 Quality Award
    for Ease of Use
  • CPA Practice Advisor Tax &
    Accounting Technology Innovation Award 2012
  • Accounting Today’s Top New
    Products Award
  • The Sleeter Group Awesome Add-on

Customer Service

  • American Business “Stevie” Awards


Free Webinar to Offer Franchise Owners 5 Steps to Grow 5 Times

Back by Popular
Demand, Webinar Replay Helps Franchise Owners Use the Cloud

to Transform Their
Operations, Make More Money

FiveGuysLogo2PALO ALTO, CALIF.— Dec. 19, 2012 —, the leader in integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash management solutions for businesses, today announced that it will offer franchise owners five steps to grow their franchises by five times in a replay of a free webinar on Thursday, December 20, at 11 a.m. PT. Registration is available now at

This webinar will discuss how cloud computing can help franchise owners use breakthrough cloud technology to transform their operations and make more money. The webinar will feature Peter Biro, multi-unit owner of Five Guys Burgers and Fries and former owner of Naked Pizza stores, who will explain how he uses automated systems to grow businesses without adding any overhead while saving tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Packed with actionable data and useful insights, the webinar will cover how to:

  • grow franchise operations;
  • keep overhead under control;
  • reduce paperwork to the bare minimum; and
  • create a cash flow management process that scales.

“Given their geographically dispersed locations, franchises are often victim to unnecessary overhead and paperwork confusion,” said René Lacerte, founder and CEO of “We look forward to sharing some ideas on how deploying a cloud-based solution can not only simplify but improve franchises’ business.” delivers a complete web-based financial solution for businesses and accountants that provides the tools, information, and collaboration required to better manage their financial tasks and optimize cash flow.'s game-changing technology digitizes a historically paper-based and time-consuming process, allowing users to access online bill payments, e-invoicing, document management, and automated workflow through one easy system. In addition to seamlessly integrating with businesses' existing accounting software programs, provides financial leaders with a comprehensive view of their cash forecast – making it the only solution that connects a user's banks, bookkeeping, and business.


Our Next-Generation Platform: Building a Developer Ecosystem, Extending Our Solution

CEO_inside_6Last week was a big week at We have made many great technological advancements in this past year, but our next-generation application platform is perhaps one of our biggest leaps forward. For the first time, we are moving beyond accounting software by offering open APIs that enable developers to natively integrate applications ranging from expense management solution to complete CRM systems with our platform. This is great news for our customers because it means that they can finally have a complete view of all the business processes at work in their companies, empowering them to make decisions quickly and accurately based on real-time data.

It is also great news for the developer community because this is a chance for them to serve an entirely new customer base.  OneSaas has already used our open APIs successfully to build the new Xero integration, for example, and they have much more in store. And it is easy to get started and join the community. Developers just need to visit to download a free kit that will help them easily write to the platform using JSON, the easiest, most lightweight data model available.

Alex Williams from TechCrunch wrote about our new platform last week and his article, “ Opens The Data Behind the Business Transaction With A New Application Powered By Open APIs,” is worth a read because I think he makes clear exactly what we are trying to do with this platform—bring our users more information so they can access data and make transactions in real-time while bringing developers a whole new audience. 

There is one passage from Alex’s article that is especially reflective of what we are trying to achieve:

“ is a modern data workflow company that is building pipes to filter the great pools of data that, until recently, have largely been cemented in spreadsheets, invoices, etc….Some compare data to oil and the pipes that are used to turn it into any imaginable kind of product that can be produced in a data factory. That’s how I view and the ecosystem it is helping to develop.”

We look forward to building our ecosystem with th e developer community. Together we can free data, empower customers, and bring the financial community to the forefront of technological advancements. 

René Lacerte, Founder and CEO, Featured in Tech Crunch

12/13/12 – Opens The Data Behind The Business Transaction With A New Application Platform Powered By Open APIs

By: Alex Williams is opening the
data behind the business with a new application platform powered by
open APIs for third-party developers. The new platform allows developers
to integrate native apps with’s software so finance
professionals can access more information from individual customer
transactions in real time.

The new application platform gives third-party developers access to’s open APIs for abstracting the paper and all the manual tasks
that come with managing different forms of transactions. Bill payment,
invoicing, cash management and the associated integrations that come
with are now available with third-party apps. Developers may
then offer the integrations on a marketplace managed by

The new integration includes’s sync feature, which uses
real-time data to help finance professionals to quickly find
discrepancies and make quick decisions based on the immediacy of the
information that they now have.

Read more here. Featured in CPA Advisor

12/13/12 Extends Integration Beyond Accounting Software

By: Taija Jenkins, Associate Editor – CPA Practice Advisor announced today it will offer a new application
platform, which will extend its integration beyond accounting software
to business applications. announced
today it will offer a new application platform, which will extend its
integration beyond accounting software to business applications. partnered with OneSaas for the first set of integrations on the
new open APIs. offers integrated bill payment, invoicing and
cash management solutions for businesses and accountants.

“We are thrilled that has partnered with OneSaas to be the
first company to complete an integration with the new
platform,” said Jeff Perlman, CEO, OneSaas, which also launched the
recently announced Xero and integration last month. “By
establishing a robust integration between and our multi-point
service, we can now bring several new business applications to financial
professionals seamlessly embedded into interface.”

Read the article here. The free kit is available for download to help developers write to the platform using the JSON data model.