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Advancing in the game of payables and receivables

January 9, 2013

Play by your own rules – customize approval policies


You pay a lot of bills. Before paying the big
ones, you want someone to approve them. For the really big ones, you want
several someones to approve (maybe even some particular someones). You aren't
just anyone: you call the shots, you make the rules. Wanna know more? To customize your approval
policies (beta), contact us.

nimbly – fix ePayment failures

Typos. New bank accounts. Forgetfulness. They
happen. But if they result in your missing a payment to a vendor, you want to
jump on it. Fast. If you miss making a payment due to an
erroneous vendor bank account number or routing number, we flag it in your To
Do list, ASAP. We email your vendor and tell them exactly what happened. We
email you and explain exactly what to do. Jump nimbly.

secure'r – choose additional security 

LockWe've always got you covered. Now we've added
armor plating. When something catches our attention, we send a security code to
your phone. Then we prompt you to enter the code in your account, so
we know everything is OK. The only person who should view and use your
sensitive information is you. Learn more. To set up this additional
security, contact us.

Sync AND swim – connect with Xero

XeroDo your accounting in the cloud with Xero? Syncing brings over
everything from Xero that you need for your payables and receivables: vendors,
customers, products, and details. Syncing also sends your payables and
receivables transactions back to Xero, efficiently keeping your accounting
up-to-date. We work together, swimmingly.
 Interested? Currently
sync with another accounting system, but want to move to Xero? Contact us.

and conquer – keep ePayments separate

Schedule a lot of ePayments to the same vendor?
If you schedule them for the same day, we’ve always combined the payments and
made one electronic transfer to your vendor.
But sometimes you want to send
separate ePayments. Maybe you (and your vendor) like the simplicity of
reconciling specific bills with specific ePayments. Whatever the reason, we now
give you a choice: make specific payments on separate electronic transfers, or
combine payments onto one ePayment. When it comes to dividing, you do the
deciding. Learn more.

Team Chat - 

We're trying something new! To reach as many of
our amazing customers as possible, we've decided to host an open chat session
with our product team (instead of our usual webinar). Get to know us and better. Sign up now!


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