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Our Next-Generation Platform: Building a Developer Ecosystem, Extending Our Solution

December 18, 2012

CEO_inside_6Last week was a big week at We have made many great technological advancements in this past year, but our next-generation application platform is perhaps one of our biggest leaps forward. For the first time, we are moving beyond accounting software by offering open APIs that enable developers to natively integrate applications ranging from expense management solution to complete CRM systems with our platform. This is great news for our customers because it means that they can finally have a complete view of all the business processes at work in their companies, empowering them to make decisions quickly and accurately based on real-time data.

It is also great news for the developer community because this is a chance for them to serve an entirely new customer base.  OneSaas has already used our open APIs successfully to build the new Xero integration, for example, and they have much more in store. And it is easy to get started and join the community. Developers just need to visit to download a free kit that will help them easily write to the platform using JSON, the easiest, most lightweight data model available.

Alex Williams from TechCrunch wrote about our new platform last week and his article, “ Opens The Data Behind the Business Transaction With A New Application Powered By Open APIs,” is worth a read because I think he makes clear exactly what we are trying to do with this platform—bring our users more information so they can access data and make transactions in real-time while bringing developers a whole new audience. 

There is one passage from Alex’s article that is especially reflective of what we are trying to achieve:

“ is a modern data workflow company that is building pipes to filter the great pools of data that, until recently, have largely been cemented in spreadsheets, invoices, etc….Some compare data to oil and the pipes that are used to turn it into any imaginable kind of product that can be produced in a data factory. That’s how I view and the ecosystem it is helping to develop.”

We look forward to building our ecosystem with th e developer community. Together we can free data, empower customers, and bring the financial community to the forefront of technological advancements. 

René Lacerte, Founder and CEO,

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