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Intuit and Why Our Integration Works

December 11, 2012

week, I am pleased to aIntuitnnounce our further integration with Intuit’s QuickBooks product line, including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro, Premier and
Enterprise. I’m pleased not just because this means QuickBooks’s more
than four
million SMB customers have an even easier way to integrate into QuickBooks,
but because this is the culmination of two great companies sharing the same
laser focus on developing for their customers.

Intuit’s core, they listen to customers and develop for them. I learned this
during my five years on the product management team at Intuit, and I have been
impressed as their focus on customers has remained constant even as they have
added new types of customers.

the last few years, with the Intuit Partner Platform, Intuit has added
developers like to their list of customers. Over the past four years,
we have worked closely with Intuit as they have developed their app platform.
Our feedback has been critical and well received. When we first started working
with them, Intuit was still trying to figure out how to open up the APIs and
distribute the resulting apps. They knew they wanted a platform ecosystem,
but were new to building one.

they are learning. And this is because of one important fact about Intuit: they
don’t just study their customers, they follow them home. In the case of
developers, they have come to our office to learn and strategize next steps. I
feel they are listening and doing their best, even though they may not be as
nimble as a start-up. In fact, last year Intuit invited me to speak at both
their CEO and management offsites, which focused on how to be a good partner to
developers. I respect their commitment to always learn more and mine all they
can from their developer relationships.

their dedication with making their customers happy, Intuit has built a great
platform and we are glad to be a founding—and vital—part of it. Like Intuit,
listening to our customers is at the very core of our values. We look forward
to your thoughts on this newest integration with Intuit. And we promise to
continue focusing all of our efforts on bringing you, our customers what you want
and what you need to be successful.

René Lacerte, Founder and CEO

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