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November 18, 2012

Receive thanks from any key vendor – mail separate checks

Schedule a lot of payments by check
to the same vendor? If you schedule them for the same day, we’ve always
combined the payments and mailed one check to your vendor.

But sometimes you want to mail
separate checks. Maybe you need a separate check for a tax payment. Or you (and
your vendor) like the simplicity of reconciling specific bills with specific
checks. Whatever the reason, we now give you a choice: make specific payments
on separate checks, or combine payments onto one check.

about the email that went to the vendor for each payment?  If you scheduled a lot of payments for the
same day to the same vendor, they received a lot of email (even though they
received only one check). Now we’ll send one email for each check. So if you
mail separate checks, a vendor still receives separate email confirmations. If
you combine payments onto one check, a vendor gets one email.

vendors will give you thanks.

Do our improved Approvals meet with your approval?

Approve bills. Easier. Faster. Simpler. Cleaner.2

  • Add approvers directly to a bill. Previously, you had
    to step through several pages. Now it’s easier.
  • Click Approve (instead of My Bills) on the Payables
    tab. We’ve renamed My Bills to Approve. With a more obviously intuitive name,
    you actually know where to click! Now it’s faster.
  • Fix denied bills from your To Do list. Customize
    specific user roles to resolve bills (and vendor credits) that have been
    denied. Previously, if an approver denied a bill you’d entered, the bill
    appeared on the Payables tab > My Bills. Now it’s simpler.
  • Assign one set of approvers to bills that are split.
    We’ve removed multiple sets of approvers for split bills. That allowed us to
    tidy things up. Now it’s cleaner.

We think you’ll approve.

See the last 5 payments to any vendor

Previously, you had to dig through
each bill to find a specific payment to a vendor. Now, see the last 5 payments
to any particular vendor with no digging whatsoever. So put your shovel away
until you need to clear snow from the driveway.3


Send your customers a message right from

Have an urgent message for a
customer? What if they have a question for you? Exchange messages directly with
any customer, from your account to the customer website where they
sign in to pay you. It’s quick. It’s easy. And best of all, you get a permanent
record of all your exchanges. Keep it all together in your account.

Outside these customer
conversations, ever need to jot down something about a customer? Their favorite
product? Their birthday? Their purchasing habits? We’ve moved these notes front
and center. Actually, they’re front and a little off to the right. But they’re
right where you need them.

We’ve copied these note-able improvements to Payables, too, so
it’s easy to store notes about your vendors.

The experience – well, that’s obvious

We strive to make your payables and
receivables as obvious as possible. 5Hopefully our most recent improvements make
the experience so obvious that we don’t even need to explain! But just in case
you forgot how it was in the old days (last week), here are a couple

  • We’ve cleaned up the
    pop up (modal) dialogs, which hold things like your bills and invoices. We’ve
    made it clearer to get to them, and easier to get around inside them.
  • We’ve added some
    consistency to links and buttons: links take you to another page, buttons make
    something happen.

Why bother? Because when you know
what to expect, you get things done faster. That leaves more time for your
business, and more time for yourself.

Sync with Xero effort

Do your accounting in the cloud with Xero? Paying bills and
invoicing customers just got a lot easier for you, because we now sync with

Syncing brings over everything from Xero that you need for your
payables and receivables: vendors, customers, products, and details. Syncing
also sends your payables and receivables transcations back to Xero,
efficiently keeping your accounting up-to-date.


Keep using Xero for all your accounting, and to pay
bills and invoice customers. We’ll keep everything in sync. In the cloud.

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