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Thanks is Never Enough

October 25, 2012

CEO_outside_4When you are an entrepreneur, people often
assume that what drives you is the thrill of the game, the business of creating
a new business, the excitement of raising money and convincing others to back
your idea. But I think if you asked most entrepreneurs why they build
companies, the answer would be more straightforward: entrepreneurs build
businesses because they like solving problems. They strive  to bring their customers something that they
don’t just like, but something that they need. And maybe—if they are good
enough—something their customers truly love. is blessed with having a cadre of
passionate, prolific and powerful customers. We couldn’t ask for better brand
ambassadors than you. And, once again, you have supported us this week and we have
won, for the fourth time in a row, an Awesome Application award from The
Sleeter Group.

We cherish this award not just because The Sleeter Group is awesome itself, but
because it shows us that our customers are loyal—and happy—enough to go out and
vote for us. And, beyond any other kind of recognition, your vote is what tells
us that we are doing something right.

So, in this national election season, we are
thankful for winning our own little election. We look forward to continuing to
serve you, our customers, and continuing to make the most powerful
solution on the market. And—while you may wonder the sincerity of all those
other speeches we are being inundated with on a daily basis about now—know that
our thanks are sincere and our commitment is unwavering. We look forward to
delighting you in the years to come. 

– René Lacerte, CEO and Founder

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