Skip to content Teams up with Intacct and the Nonprofit Times to Share How to Streamline Finances and Prevent Fraud with Cloud Computing

October 10, 2012

probably heard about cloud computing by now, but did you know that cloud-based
financial systems can improve productivity, increase transparency and
accountability and protect your organization from fraud?  Consumers have utilized cloud-based tools for
years, but now there are a number of solutions available for all your business

Soultuions for bizRecently,
Founder and CEO, René Lacerte teamed up with Intacct’s Director of Product
Marketing, Vijay Ramakrishnan to discuss how cloud-based financial systems are
helping nonprofits and other businesses to streamline finances.  Nonprofits, in particular, have a great deal
to be gained from the added transparency and accountability provided by
solutions like and Intacct. 

Cloud-based tools,
as opposed to on-premise software, have the added benefits of a reduced
dependence on IT, better security and a lower cost.  Not to mention, the cloud affords businesses
the ability to go paperless, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of

Learn how your
business can benefit from cloud-based financial systems.  Click here
to replay the webinar, or download
the presentation deck. 


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