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Sepember 2012 Release

September 9, 2012

September 2012 Release Notes

Put a face to the name

Picture yourself … and everyone else at your company who
uses to pay bills and invoice customers: load photos into
See who approves bills. Show your face to customers when they sign in to pay
you, and when they send notes about their invoices.

Lend a friendly, human touch to your payables and receivables.

Profile pic

Bills you pay without using – Keeping track

That’s OK, we understand: you don’t pay all your bills with (yet). Until that happens, how do you keep track of those bills in

As you might already know, you’ve always been able to keep track of them in We’ve just made it a bit more obvious.

Maybe you pay a few bills by printing checks through your accounting software.
Or you pay by credit card or write a check by hand, and you merely want to mark
a bill as “paid”. Now it’s easier to keep track in, because we use the
same language as you.

Bills to pay, but someone doesn’t yet have permission

At times, someone other than you might need to pay the
bills. If you’ve already given them permission, and they’re set up to pay from
the company bank account, that’s great. If not, we’ll lead them through the
necessary steps.

Not auth

Recurring every two years – payables and receivables

Some things happen like clockwork, even if that clock runs
very slowly. Do you have certain bills you pay only once every two years?
Invoices you send to certain customers only once every two years?

You must, because many of you have asked us to help you keep track of them.
We’ve listened: set up these biennial payables and receivables, and we’ll keep
track of the slow hands of time.

Receivables – Email attachments with your invoices

You’ve always been able to attach documents to invoices in When you emailed the invoices to your customers, they could see the
documents by logging in to the website where they pay you.

Now we’ve made it easier for everyone, allowing you to attach documents
directly to the invoice email. Customers no longer need to log in to see the
attached documents: they’re in the email. Send documents you’ve already
attached to the invoice, or attach other documents (from your computer or your Inbox).

It’s just another way we’re helping you do everything just a little bit easier,
and a lot faster. You look good to your customers. And by giving your customers
easy access to every little thing they need to know about their invoices,
you’re likely to get paid a lot faster.

Email attach

Receivables – Broadcast messages to customers

You’ve got something to say, and you need to say it to more
than one customer. We hear you, and so will they:

  • Small
    businesses – communicate billing changes to a specific group of customers
  • Non-profits
    – solicit donations from a targeted group of prospects
  • Accountants
    – invite select clients to cloud-based billing and explain the benefits

Craft a single message. Send it to many customers: you pick and choose. All
from the comfort and convenience of your account.


Sync your teeth (and your accounting) into

The fastest and most productive way to get started with is to get (sync) everything you need from your accounting software,
right off the bat. All your vendors, customers, products, and details will be
at your fingertips. Syncing also sends all your payables and
receivables transactions back to your accounting software, efficiently keeping
your accounting up-to-date.

Because sync is crucial to saving you time, we’re constantly making
improvements. Here’s what we’ve done for you and your accounting software

  • QuickBooks
    for Windows: simplified first-time sync, streamlined on-going sync for
    fewer errors
  • QuickBooks
    Online: simplified first-time sync, streamlined on-going sync for fewer
  • Intacct:
    streamlined on-going sync for fewer errors
  • Peachtree/Sage
    50: we sync with the 2013 version

Work fast, stay productive, be efficient: stay in sync.

Excel at reporting

We’ve updated these reports for easier export to Excel:

  • Unpaid
  • Funds
    Transfer for Payments
  • Funds
    Transfer for ePayments Received
  • Open

Don’t call us, we’ll call you!

Prefer to speak with Customer Support by phone when you have
a question? But hate having to call and leave a voicemail? We hear you.  

Click Support at the bottom of any page and tell us what’s got you stumped.
Customer Support will call you back within the hour to answer your question.


Feedback – What if …?

Ever been paying bills with and thought to
yourself, “This would work better for me if …?” But you’re busy and don’t have
time to contact us about every little thing.

Well, we want to know about every little thing, so we’ve put a Feedback tab on
every little page. Whether it’s paying bills, invoicing customers, or tracking
your cash flow, let us know how we can make things a little
easier/better/faster for you.

Don’t be shy! When inspiration, frustration, or jubilation strikes, just
click-and-tell. A little feedback goes a long way.

Want to learn more? 
Download the September Release Powerpoint, watch the Release Webinar replay or visit 

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