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David Ostrowe Shares His Secrets to Profitable Multi-unit Franchise Operations

August 28, 2012

Brgr_kingDavid Ostrowe opened his first Burger King franchise in 2005
and has since grown his business to 25 stores. He currently manages 800
employees at any given time, with only 3 office staff. This level of growth and
efficiency is something most franchise owners only dream of, and has made
Ostrowe a highly coveted speaker and advisor. He attributes this success to a
handful of “secrets”, including the use of cloud-based tools such as 

Recently, Ostrowe joined for a complimentary
webinar where he shared his secrets to profitable multi-unit franchise
operations.  Attendees of the webinar
represented a variety of franchises, including Dominoes, Fantastic Sams,
Massage Envy, Dairy Queen and more.

Ostrowe emphasized the importance of
technology and the cloud in improving the efficiency of operations of any size. According to Ostrowe, rapid growth and managing a large
number of employees with minimal staff requires a certain amount of trust and
accountability. He relies on tools like and the data they provide to
increase transparency and accountability within his organization and empower
the individual store managers to make smart decisions. 

Overall, Ostrowe has saved close to 100 hours a month and
about $1,155 a month using; not to mention the system has saved him
from having to outsource payroll, a cost of about $50,000 a year. He has
processed over $1M in in the last 6 months without a single

Learn more about David Ostrowe’s experience.  Click
here to replay the webinar
.  Or sign up for a risk free trial of today!

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