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Secrets of Profitable Multi-unit Franchise Operations

August 17, 2012

DSC00982When you are an entrepreneur, the single most gratifying thing is to watch your customers succeed. David Ostrowe, who runs a $30 million, 25 restaurant Burger King franchise via, is exactly the kind of customers I am talking about.

David, an industry luminary, is known for having a knack for buying distressed properties and turning them around. He uses for bill paying, and by automating this function he has cut his company’s paperwork by 80 percent. Also, by automating the bill pay process, he was not forced to outsource his payroll, which produced savings of more than $50,000 per year, in addition to streamlining the process and improving accuracy.

Brgr_kingDavid previously used a time-consuming, error-prone manual system, which is especially challenging when you think of how many different locations he was trying to manage. is ideal for franchises for exactly this reason—no matter how geographically dispersed the franchise might be or how much staff it might have, our web-based solution allows users to access online bill payments, e-invoicing, document management and automated workflow through one easy system wherever they are. And it’s paperless—something I’ll talk about more in the weeks to come.

So, please join me next Thursday, August 23rd, when I host a webinar with David where he will share his experience with and his tips for building amazing franchises. You won’t want to miss hearing this incredible success story. And, for budding entrepreneurs, this is a chance to learn from the franchise master.

Here are the details. I’ll see you there.


Date: August 23, 2012
Time: 1 pm PT

Title:  "Learn the Secrets of Profitable Multi-unit Franchise Operations"

Speaker:  David Ostrowe, Burger King Franchise Owner

Moderator:   René Lacerte, Founder and CEO,


  1. Wow. Really impressed by the advantages of the bill paying system. Will check this out!

  2. last

    Secrets of Profitable Multi-unit Franchise Operations – Blog

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