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Top Tip: Uploading Bills & Documents Using a Mobile Device

August 8, 2012

Can I use my mobile device to scan bills and documents and upload them to recommends the following app for iPhone or Android devices that quickly scan your bills and documents and send them to

Genius Scan:

  • Quickly scan documents with your mobile device and email the scans as PDF.
  • This app has smart page detection, perspective correction, image post-processing so the bill image is more readable.
  • Multiple page documents or bills can be scanned into one PDF document.



Recommended settings for Genius Scan:

  • Click the Gear icon on Genius Scan, then click Email under Export Plugins. It will show default email account to send the documents. In the To field, enter your Inbox email. From now on, whenever you click to Email the scanned document from Genius Scan, it will automatically pre-populate the To field with your Inbox email. 



  • You can also just use the mobile device camera and email the bill / document to your Inbox. However the apps recommended above normally generate more readable documents and it is converted to PDF format.


Genius Scan for iPhone:


Genius Scan for Android:


Have Questions? Visit

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