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Top Tip: Cash Forecast – Visualize Future Cash Flow

July 13, 2012

Know how much cash you'll have in 3 months?

Eliminate surprises by seeing in advance when cash will be tight. Observe when it’s going to be coming in and going out. Pinpoint where you need to take action by looking over your Cash Forecast chart. See anything unexpected or out of the ordinary? Zoom in to the transaction details immediately below the chart for answers.

If you’ve been peering through a haze of spreadsheets to decipher your cash flow, we bring it all into focus. You get the picture. 


We start with your bank balance, subtract bills you're scheduled to pay, and add payments you're scheduled to receive. Then we forecast a picture of your cash flow.

You're not limited to bills and invoices you handle with Add non-bill activity, such as payroll or new investment in your business. Don't worry: non-bill activity doesn't affect your books. We use it only to project your expected cash flow.

Sync with QuickBooks for Windows or Intacct? We automatically get your bank balance from them, so your CashForecast is always up-to-date.

Your accounting software shows where you've been, and where you are today. Cash Forecast shows where you'll be a few months in the future.

To see your upcoming cash flow:

  1. Click the Home tab.
  2. Beneath the calendar, click Try Cash Forecast.

Links to Cash Forecast and to Forecast Transactions will appear beneath the Home tab.


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