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June 2012 Release

June 27, 2012

Cash Forecast – Visualize future cash flow, take action now

Eliminate surprises by seeing in advance when cash will be tight. Observe when it’s going to be coming in and going out.

Pinpoint where you need to take action by looking over your Cash Forecast chart (formerly called “CashView”). See anything unexpected or out of the ordinary? Zoom in to the transaction details immediately below the chart for answers.

If you’ve been peering through a haze of spreadsheets to decipher your cash flow, we bring it all into focus. You get the picture.



The Cash Forecast chart enables you to project your future cash flow.

Payables – Get the big picture

Clicking the Payables tab now takes you to the Payables Overview. On one page, see a summary of everything you most want to know:

  • How many bills are coming due soon? What’s the total dollar amount?
  • How long have bills been waiting to get approved?
  • Who needs to approve them?
  • For bill payments you’ve scheduled:
    • How many are coming up?
    • How many recently happened?
    • What are the total dollar amounts?

Need to create a new bill? Pay one or more existing bills? Do it all, and see it all, from the Payables Overview. 



The Payables Overview allows you to see a summary of all your payables

Notes – Notice what’s notable in payables

Have you left a breadcrumb trail of Notes in your payables, but struggle to find the crumbs?  

Maybe you’re:

  • Sifting through bills to see if any have Notes about special handling
  • Researching a particular bill and want all the Notes at your fingertips
  • Approving a batch of bills, but want to pay special attention to those that have Notes

We’ve moved Notes front and center, making them more prominent on the payables trail. Now if some detail was worth noting, it will jump off the page.



It is now easier to notice your notes.


Bill approvals – Choose how strict to be about late changes

Do you route bills for approval before you pay them? That’s a great way to stay on top of your cash flow. But what if you need to make changes AFTER one or more people have approved a bill?

Choose to be:

  • Very strict – never allow changes to a bill that’s been approved
  • Strict – allow changes until every approver has approved
  • Lenient – allow changes anytime

Your choice applies to both bills and vendor credits.

Receivables – Make it easier for customers to pay you

In a perfect world, customers would pay you automatically. In fact, they’d set up to pay automatically before receiving their first invoice from you. And you could accept payment in the way that’s most convenient for your customers (typically a credit card).  

That’s our world.  So whether a customer is getting ready to pay by credit card ahead of time, or they’re updating a credit card they currently pay with, everything works perfectly.

And you get paid, automatically.  


Automatic payments make it easier for customers to pay you.


Your Experience – Do everything you’ve been doing, only faster and easier

Details matter. We’ve been working on the details, making it easier for you to pay bills, invoice customers, and see how much cash you’re going to have:

  • Text is easier to read
  • Dates are easier to pick from calendars
  • Tables are easier to skim
  • Lists are easier to choose from
  • Messages are easier to understand
  • … and more

Heck, we’ve even made it nicer to sign in to your account. Because details matter, to us and to you.

Want to learn more? 
Download the June Release Powerpoint, view the recorded webinar or visit 



  1. Excited about the enhancements to Cash Forecast and Bill approvals

  2. CDavis permalink

    The cash forecast is great but it probably should NOT be on the dashboard for all users. I could see where business owners would not like to share the cash forecast with the clerical staff since it can be sensitive information.

  3. Cliff – With you can use the Permissions section under Settings to either select a preset Role, such as Accountant vs. Clerk, or you can create your own Roles and allow specific access to these.

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