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June 1, 2012

How should I record credit card receipts I send to

  1. Send your credit card receipt to your Inbox. Then click on the receipt thumbnail and process them as if they were bills. Note: you can use the notes to payer and approvers field to alert the payer to use the Record as Paid function for these receipts (or you can record it yourself after entering the receipt information).
  2. Once the bill has been entered, on the Pay Bills page, select the outstanding bills you recorded and click “Record as Paid”.
  3. Then select the corresponding Credit Card account (the account type must be “Credit Card”), select “Enter check or ref#” and click Save.
  4. Next time you sync, these credit card transactions will be posted directly into Credit Card accounts in your accounting software.
  5. When you receive the credit card bill, you can also enter it into so you can pay it via However, instead of adding each expense account in the bill, you should assign the bill expense to the Credit Card account (same used when recording the receipts).
  6. Then you can pay this bill via (you can easily set up ePayments with credit card providers since they are available in the electronic payments directory). Next time you sync, it will update your credit card account balance accordingly.
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