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Bringing the Rest of the Business World to the Cloud

April 30, 2012

Over the past 15 years the business software industry made a dramatic shift Eric_Chan to the software as a service model (SaaS). Innovators like and NetSuite pioneered this shift. Now many companies no longer host their own data — SaaS companies provide a web-based UI (User Interface) for users to capture data. That data is then stored in the “cloud” and retrieved in some meaningful way – often in the form of a UI, a reminder, a report, or an API call.  These companies basically provided a database on the World Wide Web for data storage and retrieval. is among a group of SaaS companies that goes beyond the typical data-in/data-out model. Instead of just being a place to store your data, we actually do something with it; i.e., integrate data from your accounting package, bank accounts, vendors, and customers, and put that data to work for you.

For example, when you create an invoice in your accounting software, it is automatically synced to, where it gets sent to your customer and offers them easy payment options that sync back to your accounting software and bank account, via

For bill management, eliminates hours of paperwork by automatically syncing a bill into your accounting software and moving money from your bank account to your vendor. Our CashView feature helps to predict and control your day-to-day cash flow, projecting your future inflows, outflows, and balances, all in one line graph, with a more powerful and useable cash management tool than any spreadsheet can offer.

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable = Cash Management – that’s what does! We don’t just live online — we impact traditional business by integrating your accounting systems and banks, connecting your vendors, customers, and employees to you by bridging the digital and analog world. Money gets moved, checks and invoices get sent out, and paper documents become digitized — all via the Cash Flow Command and Control™ Center.

Eric Chan

  1. invoice template permalink

    Is it possible to view? Day-to-day cash flow(transactions), projecting your future inflows, outflows, and balances, all in only one line graph…

  2. Yes! allows you to get precision control over your cash flow.
    Forget about rebuilding that cash flow spreadsheet every week. Now you can predict and control your cash flow with new precision never possible before. New CashView from is far more accurate and powerful than any spreadsheet – and never needs to be reconstructed CashView
    – Projects receivables realistically from experience
    – Shows potential problems up to 3 months ahead
    – Rapidly visualizes alternatives to reveal best plan
    – Executes new action plan to maintain cash levels

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