Skip to content Top Tip – Inviting a Vendor to be Paid Electronically

April 27, 2012

How do I invite a vendor to join (for free) and accept ePayments?   

1. Click Payables > Vendors and the Setup ePayments button.
2. Click the Invite Vendors button.
3. Select the vendors you'd like to invite and click Next.
4. Enter any missing email addresses (so we can send the invitation) and if you'd like, the phone number (optional).
5. Customize the invitation on the following page.
6. Optional: Click the checkbox to require a unique code for additional security (which you will have to give the vendor     verbally).
7. Click Send Invite.
When your vendor clicks the email link to establish a free account and enters their bank account and routing number, we'll switch their payment method to ePayment and send you an email to let you know.

  1. Is there a way to send out an invitation with payments? In my case, I have a large number of vendors, many without email contact information. I realize I could call each of them to get that contact information, but wondering if it could be added to the check information somehow.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Eric. Adding information to vendors about signing up to get paid electronically is a great idea. In the future (but not in this year’s roadmap), we plan to let our users send messages to their vendors in the check.
    For now, you will have to get your vendor’s email addresses and then you can invite them all at once from Vendors -> Set up ePayments.

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