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April 26, 2012

Clearer picture of cash flow – CashView Brochure-image
Haven’t yet checked your CashView? We start with your bank balance, subtract the bills you’re scheduled to pay, and add the payments you’re scheduled to receive. Have some bills outside of Or some non-bill activity, like payroll? No problem, we bring it all into focus.  

Already seen your CashView? We’ve got more to show you! Pinpoint where you need to take action by reviewing the enhanced CashView chart. See anything unexpected or out of the ordinary? Check the transaction details immediately below the chart for answers. And if you sync with QuickBooks for Windows or Intacct, we automatically keep your CashView bank balance up-to-date.

If you’ve been wrestling with a spreadsheet to decipher your cash flow, the wrestling match is over. Picture your future, take action today.

Tighter bond with vendors – ePayment
You want to pay vendors electronically, because it makes life easier for you. You don’t want to annoy them with a confusing invitation to do so, or something full of marketing lingo. You want it to be simple for vendors to accept your electronic payments, and you want them to know it’s free and convenient to them.

Got it. We’ve made it easier for you to invite vendors to receive electronic payments, and easier for them to accept. Invite vendors using your language (not ours) and your logo. Use the same message for all your vendors, or tailor the messages individually. When vendors accept your invitation, we’ve reduced and simplified the steps they need to take. Making life easier, for everyone. 

Better details – Payables Export ReportsReports_shot
Want more from the Accrual, Cash, or Unpaid Accrual Reports? We now include fields for Bill (and line level) descriptions, as well as for Department, Class, Location, and Customer/Job. Pull more details out of for your accounting system, your clients, or wherever you need them

Easier sync setup – QuickBooks for Windows QB_sync
Haven’t yet set up to sync the details of your payables or receivables from QuickBooks for Windows? Maybe you’ve been too busy. Or confused. Or a little intimidated?

That’s what we thought, so we’ve simplified things a bit. We step you through easy-to-answer questions, and we ask only what’s absolutely necessary.

After you set up, you’re ready to sync your Chart of Accounts, vendors, customers, items, invoices, and classes from QuickBooks for Windows. With all those details synced into, you’re free to focus on paying bills and invoicing customers.

Faster learning – Video Tutorials
Get the most out of, as quickly as possible. We’ve gathered and organized videos that cover the essentials onto one page. Each video typically runs for just a minute, so you learn what you need, then get back to business.

Want to learn more?

View the April 2012 Release Highlights Webcast download the April 2012 Release Slide Deck or visit

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