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April 20, 2012

What is the Zen service?

The Zen Service is designed to save you a substantial amount of time by offloading the manual entry of all your bills. Once you fax, e-mail, or upload your bills into your Inbox, team members key in the bill details for you. Once they’ve fully entered the bill information into, you’ll see your bills displayed in the system as usual — typically just  one business day after the bills first arrive in your Inbox. From there, you can approve them, pay them, or perform any of your other routine processing on them.

Basic Workflow of the Zen Service

Bills are submitted to using the standard methods (e-mail, fax, direct upload). All documents submitted to your account will be processed by Zen. 

Bills received by 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern will be entered by 6 am Pacific/ 9 am Eastern the next business day. The Zen service will attempt to resolve all document exceptions by 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern time the next business day. After this time, the Zen service returns documents back to the customer Inbox for review and resolution.

Invoice/vendor data is keyed into exactly as it appears on each bill. Dual data entry helps ensure quality control.

Once keyed in, bills are automatically routed for review or approval and are paid as usual:
• Bills are routed according to your defined approval workflow.
• Bills for current vendors are routed to the same set of approvers and categorized to the same single item account,   department, and location as the previous bill.
• Bills for new vendors are routed automatically to the default approver you’ve designated for review or new vendor   setup (such as approval workflow, expense account designation, etc.)

Note: If you need to expedite the processing of a bill, you always have the option of processing a bill in your Inbox directly.

Any pre-existing documents that were in the Received section of the Inbox will remain there for you to process. You can either enter those yourself, or resend them to their email address for Zen to process.

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