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Royal Treatment for Your Cash

March 29, 2012

At, we invest a lot of time and effort to ensure you have a great DanLindexperience each time you login to manage your cash flow operations. We also take special care to ensure you have a world-class customer support experience if you have a question or need help resolving a pesky problem. What may not be as obvious is the love and care we take to ensure your beloved cash has a great experience as well. This is particularly important as your money copes with the separation anxiety of moving from your hands into the hands of your vendors. True to the adage ”Cash is King,” we give your cash a truly royal treatment.

Pampering during a treacherous journey 

Let’s face it, when your cash travels via check, it’s in for long and bumpy journey. Sorting, stamping and bundling. Planes, trains and trucks. Wind, sleet and snow. Delays, misrouting and lost mail. Treatment hardly fit for a king. Here’s how we help:

• We track your check payment closely and let you know when it “clears” safely at its new kingdom.
• We provide a snapshot of the cleared check so you have lasting memories of the good times you’ve shared together.
• Need proof that your cash was sent and arrived at your vendor’s post office by a certain date? We’ve got you covered.   Through special access to USPS tracking information, we can trace a check from the moment it leaves our   drawbridge.
• We provide clear visibility into checks that haven’t yet been cashed. We proactively inform you if a check hasn’t been   cleared within 20 days so you can determine if a payment needs to be reissued. (You’ll often know before your   vendor if something isn’t right!)
• Having second thoughts? No problem…we gladly process payment voids with absolutely no bank fees. We’ll gladly   reissue a replacement check or credit your dear cash into your bank vault.
• Returned checks no longer pile up in your mail stack. Rather, they are sent directly back to us so we can alert you   online immediately. Once you verify and update the vendor’s address, we can reissue a payment with just a few clicks.
• Is your cash tired of traveling via medieval checks? Spoil them with our ePayments: Quicker, safer, smoother, cheaper   and less carbon. Now that’s traveling in regal style.

New Coronations

Of course, our royal treatment is not only reserved for cash leaving your kingdom, but also for new cash joining your royal court as receivables.

• Customers can now send cash electronically through a portal you provide. Through this portal to your kingdom, your   loyal subjects can send tribute payments via ACH, credit cards, and/or PayPal — whichever you, as king/queen of the   realm, choose. These payments are tracked and visible to you throughout their journey from their point of origin to your   bank account.
• This spring, we’ll be introducing a new capability whereby you can conveniently scan checks received into   and we’ll deposit these princely sums directly into your bank vault. Beyond saving you a harrowing trek to the bank,   you can relax while the court jester entertains you. While you’re chuckling over his antics, we’ll automatically update   the invoice status in and your accounting system while archiving the check image for future reference. A scan   and a few clicks replace a lot of hassle.

Safe protection while at your castle

With your cash coming and going, crossing the moat each day, we ensure it has a peaceful and safe stay within your castle walls.

• Protection from court intrigue: Through our advanced roles/permissions and payment approval model, we provide you   unprecedented control over who in your court can see cash balances, approve bills, and make payments.
• Advanced surveillance: We also provide detailed audit trails for each online interaction so you always know who did   what and when they did it.
• We’ve pulled up the drawbridge: Included in our check payment service, we offer you full protection that no one will   write a fraudulent check against your bank account. Rather, we draw checks on our bank account where we have   safeguards in place to instantly detect checks when the check number, amount, or date don’t match our records. We   take care of everything, automatically, with no risk of check fraud to you. No need to even wake you up if there’s a   barbarian at the gate.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these capabilities, feel free to contact us via our Support link. We’d be honored to give you the royal treatment as well!

Dan Lind
VP of Bank Solutions

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