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March 23, 2012

How do I record a payment I made outside of

1. Click the Payables tab.
2. Click Pay bills. This displays the Pay Bills screen.
3. Check the check box next to each bill you have paid or are about to pay, and review the amount of the bill payment. If     the amount is incorrect, or you would like to pay a different amount, enter the new amount in the Payment Amount
    field. You can make a partial payment on any of your bills.
4. Select the Record As Paid.. option and click Save.
5. You will then be prompted to enter some additional information about these payments.
    • Typically for payments made outside of, if you print checks in your accounting system, choose Check to be       printed
    • Hand write checks or pay by credit card, choose Enter check or ref #
    • Want to separately record payments in both and your accounting system, choose Do not sync.
    • If you choose to sync the payment, select the bank or credit card account and “How to Sync?” option that applies for       the payment(s) and click Save.

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