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March 16, 2012 is pleased to announce it’s new Webinar Series: Finance in the Cloud. Over the next few months these webinars will introduce you to topics around moving financial operations to the cloud and lessons learned from financial executives and industry leaders.

Our first webinar in the series, Building a Cash Flow Strategy for the Long Haul, will take place on Monday, March 26th at 1pm Pacific. Learn new ways to manage your back office to prevent unexpected cash flow problems, enabling more time to think strategically and plan for long term success.

Join CEO and Founder of, René Lacerte for this unique opportunity to discuss ways to take control of cash flow and scale your business for the long haul. Learn how business owners can pursue new growth through strategic cash planning.

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This webinar will cover:
    • What it takes to manage the short-term cash needs of a business.
    • How to build the tools needed to scale the back office operations for the long haul.
    • How to drill down into specific cash flow concepts/modeling (stretching payables and pulling in
      receivables while maintaining positive vendor and customer relationships).
    • The relevance of managing daily cash when it comes to the overall health of the business.

Upcoming Webinars
April 19 – Get Precision Control Over Your Cash Flow with Cloud-Based Strategies
May 10 – Cloud Automation – Benefits and Pitfalls of Moving to the Cloud
May 22 – CFO Survey Results
June  5 – Finance in the Cloud: Key Indicators of Efficiencies and Cost Savings

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