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February 23, 2012

Enjoy the view (of your cash flow)
Eliminate surprisesCashView by knowing in advance when cash will be tight. See when it’s going to be coming in and going out.

We start with your bank balance, subtract the bills you're scheduled to pay, and add the payments you're scheduled to receive. Have some bills outside of Or some non-bill activity, like payroll?  No problem, we bring it all into focus.  We call it CashView.

If you've been wrestling with a spreadsheet to decipher your cash flow, we've just made your life easier. Picture your future, take action today.


Give credit where it's due (prepaid and overpaid Receivables)  
Do Credits_availablecustomers sometimes pay you in advance? In the past, that meant you needed to create an invoice before you could handle their payment.  Do customers sometimes round their payment "up", such as paying $1000 for a $999 invoice? In the past that meant you needed to create an extra invoice to account for the difference. Or maybe you're collecting for a worthy cause? In the past that meant creating a bunch of invoices to track donations.

That was the past. Today, if a customer pre-pays or overpays, give them credit now and apply it to invoices later. Customers can go online and see how much credit they have at any time. No more busywork with invoices for you, because we keep track (and you can take the credit).

And take some credit, too!  (put your logo in outgoing email)Logo_email
We've gotten a jump on Spring cleaning, sprucing up the emails that get sent to your vendors and customers. Tables are easier to read; links are easier to understand.  And now you can show your logo in the emails, too.

The end result? When vendors and customers receive email from you, it's easier for them to act and respond (which is good for business). And your email looks more professional.  That makes you look good.


Additional Notes for Accountants

Get the most out of (complete our training)Acct_training
Give yourself and your staff every advantage to stand out from other accountants. Through your Console, we provide a series of videos that shows how to get started, handle clients' payables and receivables, and keep track of how much cash they have on hand.  

When you're ready for more, we offer an online course that explains how to customize and automate for greater efficiency, and how to handle special payables and receivables situations. And coming soon:  an online course that explains how to improve the way clients do their payables and receivables and how to develop your accounting practice for greater profitability.

Complete our online course and get recognized for your expertise. Show the Expert logo and the Certified logo on your blog, website, or other areas of your business. We'll show your certification in our Accountant Directory and give you priority placement.

Get the most out of your business (appear in our Directory) Directory_accountant
Gain visibility with businesses seeking a modern-day accountant: list in our Accountant Directory. You'll stand out as an accountant who not only gets things done, but gets things done better.

The more complete you make your listing, the greater priority you'll get when businesses are searching the Accountant Directory in Enter all the details and complete our online training to receive priority placement in Directory searches. 

Also, we create a URL for you, which includes your company name. It's a static URL (not dynamically generated), which means you'll show up higher in search results from the internet.

Have Questions? View the February 2012 Release Highlights Webinar, download the February 2012 Release Slide Deck or or click "Support" in your account to contact us for more details.

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