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@Billcom Customer Tip: Voiding a Bill Payment

February 3, 2012

If you need to void a bill payment:

1. Point to the Payables tab and click View Payments. This displays the Scheduled Payments page.  
2. Above the list of scheduled payments, click the History link. This displays the Payments History page.
3. Find the payment you want to void and click on Payment Confirmation. This displays the Bill Payment Info page.
4. Click Void Payment (or Void Check if check already sent to vendor).
5. If the payment was made outside of, confirm the request and the payment will be voided. If the payment was already synced to QuickBooks Desktop or Intacct, the payment will be deleted in the next sync.
6. If the payment was made via, enter the reason of the void and choose one of the two options below:
• Remit funds back to your account.
• Reissue a new payment to the vendor. In this case, please verify that the remittance information in the vendor set up is correct.

Note: you have to be authorized in the bank account (AKAs "verified user") to request a void for payments

If the payment hasn't been sent to the vendor yet, your request will be processed and the confirmation will be displayed.

If the payment has already been sent to the vendor as a check, our Operations Department will review the check status and confirm your request via email.

If you are QuickBooks user and voided a bill payment in, you will need to also void the payment in QuickBooks.

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