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Case Study: How Chaney & Associates Doubled its Revenue Within Two Years of Moving to the Cloud

January 31, 2012

We recently caught up with Steve Chaney, CPA and President Rightrail_SteveChaney
of Chaney & Associates to learn about how he doubled his organization’s revenue and created a consistent, standardized workflow that all his clients follow, after he moved his business to the cloud.

Chaney & Associates, a progressive accounting firm with a non-for-profit niche, discovered an 89 percent growth in revenue within two years of implementing cloud accounting solutions, such as the online bill management solution.

In the following case study, Chaney will share the challenges his firm faced doing business the traditional way and share the success his practice is currently experiencing with a cloud-based service delivery platform, including how to:

 • Grow your client base: Chaney & Associates grew their client base 319% in two years, and now support over 314 Non-Profit organizations in their firm. 

• Reduce operating costs AND paperwork: Chaney eliminated roughly $70,000 annually in staff hours and courier fees, by implementing cloud-based solutions and resulted in an 89% annual growth in revenue.

Gain better financial visibility:’s real-time reports and cash flow dashboards provide strategic and more profitable controllership services.

• Create standardized repeatable processes: Learn how an integrated accounting solution and’s bill payment software can improve workflow and client collaboration, ACH processing…and much more! Chaney-Case-Study-Screenshot2

The point of touches to my clients has been dramatically reduced. We no longer have to process and cut checks manually; billing and reporting are now generated electronically. We’re letting technology do the ‘heavy lifting,’ rather than having people create those efficiencies. That’s how we are able to improve our effective rate.” — Steve Chaney

Learn more on how has become Chaney & Associates core marketing asset in attracting new clients!

Download the complete case study here.





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