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@Billcom Customer Tip: The Difference Between Paying and Approving Your Bills

January 13, 2012

You are new to the system and need to get a bill to be approved and paid in a short amount of time. You approve the bill, yet nothing happens. Why not? Why is the bill not being paid, when I approve it? splits the task of approving the bill and paying the bill, into two processes. When your bill is ready to be paid to your vendors, you will need to approve it first. 

To do that, you will want add an approver to the bill:


Once the approver has been added to the bill, the payer of your account will receive an email that the bill is ready to be paid. They will need to log in, go to Payables > Pay Bills > Select your bill and hit pay. It’s that simple!


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  1. Really like the blog, appreciate the share!

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