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December 15, 2011
It's an online world, but customers still write checks:  Bring 'em into

Let's face it:  Check_inboxalthough the world's going online, a lot of customers still pay you by check. That's reality. We live in the real world too, and we're here to help you do things the way you already do them (just faster and with fewer errors).

So after you scan those checks, bring them into your Inbox and enter the details, all at once. Have questions about the check later on? Check out the check image in Until your customers shift to online payment, we'll help you meet them half way.

And all those invoices you have in some other system: Bring 'em into too

Why bother? Invoice_importer Because you want to get paid faster! When you bring invoices online, you make it easier for customers to pay electronically.  Instead of waiting days or weeks for a check to arrive in the mail, you'll get paid in two banking days.

Just get your invoices into a tab-delimited text file, and we do the rest. We even add the customers in the invoices to your list of customers. Keep track of all your invoices and customers' payments in one convenient place:  you'll know how much cash you have on hand, and how much is on the way.

Give your clients what they really want for Christmas: More time

Set Selling_toolsyourself apart from other accountants and bookkeepers: move your clients to a more efficient way of paying bills and invoicing their customers (using We give you all the tools to show them how and to set them up, including a spreadsheet to calculate the time and dollar savings.

Your clients will spend less time on bills and more time on business (or celebrating the holidays). You'll serve your clients more efficiently and effectively, develop your practice more quickly, and have a little extra time to celebrate the holidays yourself!

Download our December 2011 Release presentation by clicking here

One Comment
  1. This is a much anticipated feature! Yay for importing invoices.

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