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@Billcom Customer Tip: Understanding Audit Trails

December 2, 2011 keeps a detailed audit trail of every action taken within our system. This enables you to view, at any point in the future, what happened to a bill, including who approved it, for what amount, on what date and time.

For instance, a payment may be scheduled a month or more in advance; if the vendor's address changes in the interim, the payment, sent to the original address, might not be received on time. The audit trail feature enables you to identify who scheduled the payment (and when), who changed the vendor's address (and when), and reconcile any incomplete or incorrect information.

In most instances, when you display the page that provides details about a specific bill, vendor, or even individual user, you'll see an Audit Trail link you can use to retrace the history of the item.

NOTE: The audit trail does not indicate whether or when a particular bill may have been paid.

If you have any questions about the audit trail, please contact us at

Audit Trail cropped

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