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A Little Thanks for Giving

November 22, 2011

We’re so busy. Aren’t we? Holidays are fun, but they’re also a Kathleen_newsletter1
lot of work! Despite the hustle and bustle, I took a few moments today to reflect on Thanksgiving and I’d like to share my thoughts with you. 

Thanksgiving is a compound word, which has dual meaning. Breaking it down, I first come to the word "thank": to express gratitude or appreciation. Since the word is plural, I would like to thank a large group of amazing people — our customers and our partners. My days are filled with anecdotes of how amazing and supportive our customers and partners are… and I have the data to back it up! In our last Net Promoter survey, 90 percent say they’re really happy with and 80 percent of you are willing to refer to others. That’s huge! No marketing campaign in the world can compete with happy, noisy customers shouting/ singing/ chanting/ insert verbal activity of your choice here, about So thanks — thanks to you for making what we do day-to-day such a joy.

"Giving" is the second word to this important holiday and in my opinion has the most meaning because the word is continuous. I think to myself daily about what we can give our customers to make their days better and brighter. As the leader of our support team, it is my hope that you feel this commitment and our giving spirit when you contact us for help. I know our product team embodies this spirit, as everything we build has you in mind.  

Altogether, Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday. It’s about appreciating what people give us and what we can give back to them. Thank you for sharing yourselves as we work with you to build your business or practice into a stronger and more efficient one. We enjoy every minute. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading,

Kathleen Echeverria
VP of Customers

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