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November 22, 2011

The holidays are approaching fast and to continue our
tradition, participated in a food drive for the Second_harvest_food_bank_logoSecond Harvest Food Bank. Second Harvest is dedicated to ending hunger in San Mateo and Santa Clara County and is the primary source of donated, surplus, and purchased food for non-profit agencies in these local areas. wanted to lend a hand and join in with helping our local communities; we even made a competition out of it. The employees of the office were split into three randomly selected teams (Team Jason, Team Gordon, Team Roger) and the goal was to be the winning team with the most donated goods and dollars. The competition was held this November and started out with a bang. Immediately, teams were emailing strategies on how their group could take the lead and boasted about whose team would be the most successful.

"In the spirit of giving and compassion to those less fortunate, Team Jason decided that the most generous course of action was to win the competition,” said customer support representative, Barry Brownstein.

The determination of each team and the friendly competitiveness attributed to the bountiful donation provided by to help those in need during this holiday season. As the team barrels filled with canned goods and the donation funds increased, it looked as if Team Gordon would take the lead. As the food drive progressed and people’s donations were rolling in, it was difficult to predict which team would win the competition.

After totaling the weight and money donated we determined a winner and the winner is (drum roll please)…. Second Harvest Food Bank. Ultimately, we all are winners at, working toward benefiting the same cause. Second Harvest says to “Give What Matters” and that is what this time of year is about – giving.

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If you would like to donate please visit the Second Harvest website.
Twitter: @2ndharvest  and Facebook: 2ndharvest

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