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@Billcom Customer Tip: Setting Your Notification Preferences

November 11, 2011

The system sends you email alerts to ensure you are aware of changes to your account as well as important or upcoming status changes to your bills. To help you manage the various alerts you receive from the system, you can set your notification preferences to receive these notices daily, or a less frequent regular interval (three times a week, twice a month, etc.).

These are the alerts whose delivery timing you can configure:
1. When new bills are assigned to you to process or approve
2. When bills have been completely processed or approved and are ready for you to pay
3. When new bills or other files are received in your Inbox

Important security-based alerts — such as confirmation of payment, or any change in company information — you will continue to receive in real-time.  

You can set your own notification preferences, or your Administrator can set them on your behalf. If you have Administrator rights to your client's account, for instance, you can set your client's preferences so that he or she is notified of bill payments only at expected or prescribed times, such as the 1st and 15th of every month.

To set notification preferences:
1. In the upper right, mouse over Gear-icon.  Then click Settings > Overview.
2. On the Overview page, under You, click Email Preferences.
3. On the Email Preferences page, click Edit.
4. Under Summary Emails, choose how often to receive emails.
    • If you click Monthly on the following days, you can enter one or more numbers, from 1 to 31, separated     by commas.  If you enter 30 or 31 — corresponding to the 30th or 31st of each month — we will send     notifications on the last day of any month that has fewer days (such as February 28th).
5.    Click Save.

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