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@Billcom Customer Tip: What is a Demo Company and How Do I Create One?

November 4, 2011

What is a Demo Company?
• A demo company is a new type of account created from your console
• It’s prepopulated with data so you can easily demo functionality or perform training

How does a Demo Company benefit my firm?
• With Demo Companies, your firm has an easy way to show new and existing clients how
   will improve visibility into their cash flow and streamline their payables and receivables processes 
• You have the ability to demonstrate how your firm services clients with different work-flow scenarios

Creating a Demo Company:
Demo pic1 copy

• Name your demo company whatever you like, but note that “[Demo]” will precede any name
  you choose to use.
• The creator of the demo company is added as an admin to the demo company by default.
• Other users can be added just like a regular company.
• Since demo companies have no private data, you can create users that everyone can share.

Demo pic 2 copy

• Demo companies will appear in the new “My Companies” list and on the list page
  (in order of last accessed).

Demo pic 3
• Videos explain key functions that are hard to demonstrate (e.g. sync)

Video Demo Companies copy

How to Demo for Success:

•  Create a demo company in the prospective client’s name or in the industry the prospect is in
•  Outline and show the key functionality that your client needs. For instance:
       – Send/upload documents
       – Enter bills
       – Approve bills
       – Access documents and see history of documents entered
•  Create an easy, reusable script to walk through how the system works
•  Provide your clients access within the demo account to show approvals or other role-based capabilities.

If you would like to learn more on Demo Companies or have any questions please contact us at


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