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Reflections on the October 2011 Release

October 31, 2011

What an exciting month for By now you have seen our redesigned user interface. The team has been working on this for over 8 months and we are all really proud of it. The most exciting part to me is what this means for future features.  

My original vision for was to be a place that businesses could mange their cash by managing all the processes and activities related to payables and receivables. In short, I wanted a Command and Control center for cash flow forecasting and managing. Over the last year we have added more features to both AP and AR and the product has become more crowded as a result. In addition, as the product has grown over the past five years, it was time to redesign the user experience. We needed to simplify the navigation, make buttons pop, and lay the groundwork for more closely integrating AP and AR into a cash dashboard.

One of the things you will notice in the user interface is that many of the bottom edges on the windows are turned up, creating the image of paper. You might be asking why would we do this given our goal of creating a paperless experience? It's because we wanted to create a bridge from the old way of doing this to the new way. The most popular new user experiences are successful because they bring something that reminds folks of the way things used to be while helping them adapt to the new approach. You only have to look at the phenomenon of the iPhone and the iPad to see what I mean. Before computers everything was "touch based.” Whether it was a pad of paper or a folder, it was something you touched.  While many had developed tablets before, Apple was the first to understand that the tablet needed to appeal to our brain’s memory of how we used to complete the task. The gestures you use with Apple products create a touch experience that lets the customer interact with the device. My favorite gesture is the way you turn a page on the iPad; you grab the corner and as you drag it curls the page as you would on a paper book.  

We know at that we are asking all of you to change your processes; To drop the "old way" for the new way that is It is our job to make you feel more comfortable during that transition. That is the reason the new user interface reminds us of the paper we used to process.

Thanks for your support and feedback. It's what we live for every day.

Thanks for reading,

René Lacerte
Founder and CEO


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