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Employee Spotlight – To Design or Not to Design?

October 28, 2011

This is my 5th play. Well, I’m not in the play — I am  Anthony Image
a drama booster. I support my daughter, Savannah, with her school’s drama club. What do I do to help? Well, I’ve sewn costumes on my Singer 221 sewing machine. I’ve assisted in building props. But the duties I perform that bring me the most joy are working with the design students who develop the art for each play. I get to help teach them a little about composition, art, technology and software, all at the same time. Between working with the students to produce art for marketing materials for the play and working as a Senior Director of User Experience at, I get to incorporate my passion for design, on and off the clock.

My interests have always been design and I truly love everything related to it; everything from the simple pieces for drama club, to sophisticated hardware design, to elegant and easy to use software. For me it’s always about the experience of a product; from the moment you touch it or interact with it, view the colors, layout and brand.

Over the years I’ve developed a deep appreciation for design and brand. I find interest in how the two are related and how emotions are involved. Watching people use things like phones, remotes, or interact with other devices or software always fascinates me. Every day we interact with a host of different devices and software applications and we are emotional about them at some level or another. Working on the application suite has been the same for me. At first, I had a hard time acclimating to it because I couldn’t discern many of the functions. But with this last release and some of the changes we made to the experience, I can honestly say it has matured significantly.

I enjoy helping and teaching the drama students new skills for their projects. Designing and working on the customer experience is as much fun as working with the students, and I enjoy all the people I work with every day. We’re always learning and creating new and better ways to make the software we love to use better and easier to utilize.

Thank you for reading, Anthony.

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