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4 Questions for Eren Omer Atesmen, Co-Founder of Clean Energy Experts

October 27, 2011

Q1. How did you get into your line of work? Rightrail_OmerAtesmen
Growing up in California, I’ve always had an affinity for energy conservation. I strongly believe that education is a critical stepping stone towards the ultimate goal of changing consumer behaviors as they relate to energy consumption. After several years of working at the Boston Consulting Group, I co-founded Clean Energy Experts, a firm dedicated to accelerating the adoption of cost-effective energy saving products and technologies through education and awareness. The company’s mission stems from a belief that education and awareness are the greatest barriers to the adoption of clean energy technologies. 

Q2. What have you learned through the school of hard knocks?
I’ve learned that a good idea doesn’t necessarily equal a good business. It’s critical to answer the tough questions as you start and grow your business.  How are we going to make money? Will our clients like our product? Unbiased forethought is paramount to developing a sound business plan, but by the same token, it’s nearly impossible to know how things will really work until you test them. With that said, we have learned to be very diligent at testing our products and ideas – allowing us to shift and adapt based on real-time feedback.  This is a key to success in business development activities.

Q3. What keeps you up at night?
I stay awake thinking about the inevitably long list of things on my plate. However, I’ve always believed in three fundamental concepts. First, be fair and honest in all your business relationships. Second, stay true and focused to your vision. Third, do the best you can. Follow these three fundamentals and hopefully work won’t keep you up at night.

Q. How has helped your business chase its dreams? allows me to maintain managerial oversight in key financing activities while off-loading the busy work to our accountants. The approval systems and ePayments have allowed us to reduce the time and effort required to handle finances while improving efficiency. Thanks!

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