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Even Elvis Would Agree That There’s Safety in the Cloud

October 18, 2011

Elvis 1 copyThere’s an interesting paradox in business today: for as much as companies rely on web-based tools and online processes to conduct their operations, about 80 per cent of small and medium-sized businesses are still using snail mail to send invoices and pay bills. In light of the financial crisis staring down the US Postal Service—and the possibility that the services SMBs depend on might soon be scaled back or even ceased—business owners have a great opportunity to consider new tools and practices that can help them manage their financials more effectively. Cloud-based keeps operations running efficiently, on time, and without the hassles of “it’s not late, it’s just in the mail.” 

Let’s take a cue from popular culture. Elvis Presley sang, “I gave a letter to the postman, he put it in his sack. Bright and early next morning, he brought my letter back.” You see, even Elvis understood that mail delivery doesn’t always run smoothly. Ok, ok, his letter might have been returned due to a romantic dispute as opposed to a post office snafu, but one thing is for sure: if Elvis’s letter contained a paper invoice—it surely didn’t get paid!

Facing potential postal service limitations—if not Elvis’s romantic ones—we’re reminded that paper-based processes usually aren’t as dependable as electronic ones. If your financials are in the cloud, you have a completely mobile cash flow command and control center enabling you to complete all your billing transactions with vendors, customers and employees, online. Your payables and receivables won’t be slowed down if the US Post Office cuts back on first class mail, eliminates Saturday delivery, or closes facilities.

The US Post Office has been the backbone of business transactions since the very beginning, and while I don’t see it going away completely, the business community—including the postal service itself—has to adjust to changes in technology and its impact on economics. We’ve spent years developing a solution that meets the specific financial management needs of SMBs while improving their existing accounting processes. is built to make your life easier so you can focus on your business and not worry about others’ limitations.  

If business owners don’t want to be left behind the times, they should take note that cloud-based solutions like offer an easier, and often more trustworthy, way to get things done. Don’t you agree that if Elvis had the option to send his message via a cloud-based alternative, he might have gotten better results?

Thanks for reading! René
Founder and CEO

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