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@billcom Customer Tip: How to Create an Invoice

September 30, 2011

Learn How to Create an invoice in ReceivablesMonster2

1. Click the Receivables tab, then Invoices.

2. On the Invoices page, click New Invoice.

3. On the New Invoice page, enter the details (asterisks mark required fields):

  • Customer: the company or person you’re billing
  • Invoice Number: any numbers or letters to help you identify the invoice later
  • Invoice Date: the day you create the invoice (not the day you send it)
  • Payment Terms: how soon you expect payment
  • Due Date: specific day you expect payment (filled automatically if you select Payment Terms
  • Invoice Template: the look-and-feel of the invoice
  • P.O. Number
  • Sales Rep
  • Item: details about the product or service you’re invoicing (to apply a discount, enter a negative value or percentage for Price).
  • Customer Message: any extra details to help the customer understand and/or pay the invoice (appears above the line items on the invoice)
  • Send Invoice Via: Email the invoice now (preview and customize the message after you click Save), or Print the invoice later

4. Click Save.  
Your invoice appears, with a Summary.

Summary – buttons and links

  • Enter Payment – record (post) payment you receive from the customer.
  • PDF – save the invoice as a PDF file, for later printing, faxing, or mailing.
  • Email – send the invoice directly to your customer. Your customer will receive the invoice as a .pdf 
      attachment to the email, which has a link to pay the invoice electronically.
  • Send Note  – collaborate privately with co-workers or your accountant, or also include the customer  
      (public note). If the note is public, your customer receives an email notification to review the note.
  • Clone – create a new invoice with the exact same information as this one (handy for recurring invoices).
  • Edit – change or add details to this invoice.
  • Del – remove this invoice.

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