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When Adventure Calls

September 21, 2011

Who in their right mind would voluntarily leave a Caribbean sabbatical to Carol Headshot2get back into the daily grind? Well, I guess I would have to plead guilty.

It was the call of adventure, and the exhaustion of a regular commute from Atlanta to San Francisco with online payroll start-up, PayCycle, that prompted me and my husband to leave our land-based lives behind and set out on an extended sailing adventure. Our voyage began when we boarded our 38 foot sailing catamaran, “Lucy “ and left port in Beaufort, South Carolina heading first for Florida, then on to the Abacos Islands in the Bahamas then ultimately the United States Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.  

The change in my life routine, the discipline required by life on a boat, the spectacular scenery and the exposure to other cultures were the perfect combination to reinvigorate and inspire. It amazed me how quickly the daily work grind of 25 years felt like a distant past.

Six months into paradise (and really missing my cat, Alley), I was ready to reconnect with my land-based world, I just needed the right opportunity. One night, my husband, Mike, and I were sitting on the deck of Lucy anchored in a beautiful cove in St. Johns in the US Virgin Islands. Maybe it was the gentle rhythm of the waves or the soft whisper of the breeze (or too much rum), but the revelation came quickly that is a game changer, and I knew I wanted to be part of it. I looked at Mike and said, “I’m ready to go home”.

After being an advisor to for the last 2 years, and having worked with founder and CEO René Lacerte at PayCycle as Vice President of Business Development, I find myself embarking on another adventure. Im filling my sails with, to bring the first and only Cash Flow Management Console and Command Center to all businesses through large and strategic partnerships with banks and other channels.

Fair Winds and Following Seas of Change

Carol Glover, SVP Business Development

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