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4 Questions for Cathy Iconis of Iconis Group

September 20, 2011

Q1. How did you get into your line of work? Rightrail_Cathy
I chose my career in accounting initially because I was good with numbers and it seemed like a great fit. I stayed with this career because I have the opportunity to help clients when they need it the most. I love working with people that are just as passionate about their job and company as I am. 

Q2. What have you learned through the school of hard knocks?
After founding Iconis Group about two years ago, I can say that I've learned a lot through the school of hard knocks. First, every one has strengths and weaknesses. I have found it pays to outsource weaker, tedious tasks that can be automated to trusted professionals. Second, every one has good and bad days; roll with the punches on the bad ones and relish the excitement on the good ones. Third, it all boils down to providing a valuable service that clients appreciate and need. There is no point in convincing someone we can help, if they are not ready for it. Work with those that appreciate your strengths, and in turn they will speak highly of you to others.

Q3. What keeps you up at night?
I am sleeping very well now that my company is becoming more and more successful. I have a supportive husband, a beautiful 2-year-old daughter and get paid to do what I love for wonderful clients.  

Q4. How has helped your business chase its dreams?
We pride ourselves on having our heads in the cloud and allows us to offer a wide range of virtual services. We have several clients using and they really love having all of their accounts payable and documentation in one convenient area. It makes our job easier when we are able to pull up a copy of an invoice with an associated document and quickly find when and how someone got paid with just a few clicks. We are super excited about the new simplified sync options with QuickBooks Online, our accounting system of choice, that is now fully automated. Day by day, life gets easier for our clients and for the Iconis Group. Tweet: @CathyIconis to stay in tune with Cathy.

Download a complete PDF of these 4 Questions

Note: 4 Questions is a regular feature on the blog where we ask the same 4 questions of a different customer. Given the tremendous passion and can-do attitude of small and mid-sized businesses, we believe these same 4 Questions will result not in repeat answers, but in interesting insight into many different journeys. Want to be profiled? Tweet @billcom or email us and let us know!

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