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@Billcom Customer Tip – Keep on Track, Recurring Transactions

September 9, 2011

Use recurring transactions toMonsterpayables
create templates, streamline
your da
ta entry and keep you on track. You can create recurring bills, even if the amount changes from month to month.  

On these bills, you can save the vendor, typical accounting splits, due dates, approvers and amount (if there is one, otherwise, you can enter $1 as a placeholder) and choose what day you want the bill created.

One good example of how this is useful is your power bill — you know one arrives monthly, but you may not know the exact details, so you enter an amount of $1 as a placeholder. Once you have received the bill from your power company for the billing period, you attach it to the already existing recurring bill by selecting, "Add to existing Bill" from the Inbox. And voila, you now have saved time, data entry and you have to remind you of a recurring monthly bill, just in case you don't receive it in the mail. Add the Paperwork Monster to your Twitter Feed: @Pprworkmonster

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