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August 17, 2011

eInvoicesEchanges and eBills  – Put the e’s into “e-e-easy”  One company’s eInvoice is another company’s eBill.  When you eInvoice a customer who uses, they don’t have to bother entering any of the details in (you’ve already done that for them!). So it’s faster and easier for the customer to pay you. 

Your eInvoice becomes their eBill. When you receive their ePayment, we automatically close the eInvoice. And when you sync, everything automatically flows to your accounting system.

Similarly, when you pay an eBill to a vendor who uses, you don’t have to bother entering any details in (the vendor already did that for you!). So you can focus on when you pay, not how you pay.

Get paid even faster, and pay even smarter.

Get paid fasterAutopay – Make it easy for customers  Do your customers complain about having to log in to pay you?  Would they rather just give you their bank account and/or credit card information? We hear you, and now you can set that up (including auto-payments).

Messages to customers – Add your own personal/professional touch When you email invoices to customers, would you like a bit more control over what you say in the email? Customize who it is From. Customize the Subject. Customize the details of the message itself. All your invoice emails will go out with a consistent tone and message, set by you.

And to help customers remember they have invoices coming due, automatically send out reminders ahead of time (customized with your own message).

InvoiceStub_mail mailings – Pass the stuffing to us  Tired of printing invoices, stuffing envelopes, and mailing?  Well if you create ‘em, we’ll mail ‘em.  We include a payment stub and a return envelope with each invoice.  And for those customers who prefer to pay electronically, each payment stub includes a Quick Response (QR) code for scanning via Smartphone.

Settings – All in one placeSettings  We’ve gathered all preferences and options under the Settings tab.  To tailor the way you work with, this is the place to go: everything from adding a user, to setting up a bank account, to adding a logo.

QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online – Invoice your Sub-Customers:Jobs We now sync your complete Customer/Jobs lists into, so you can email or mail invoices to Sub-Customers:Jobs.

Jobs in Payables – Changed to Customer:Job When you enter and edit bills, the Job field is now labeled Customer:Job.

Reports Reports – Enhancements  You can now get the AP/AR Aging Summary & Detail Reports as of a certain date. 

You can also get detailed reporting on payments received and convenience fees collected.

Additional Info for Intuit App Center Users (QuickBooks Online Only) We now support “Expense Tracking by Customer”. When you enter a bill in, you can enter the Customer: Job for the bill, and that syncs over to QuickBooks Online.

Details for Accountants Only
Accounting packages – Updates

  • Sage Peachtree:  we now sync Accounts Receivable. Create invoices and get paid in, then sync the invoices and payments to Peachtree (instead of re-typing them). Read one of the Case Studies here
  • NetSuite: we now sync Accounts Payable. Over 50 companies are already saving time by syncing! Read one of the Case Studies here!
  • Intacct: we now sync Reference numbers for manual payments.  When you update a paid bill in, then sync, we give you options for making the updates in Intacct (no need to contact Customer Support anymore). Read one of the Case Studies here!

Onboard clients fasterChecklist – New Startup  Checklist makes it easier We list the necessary setup tasks, minimizing confusion over what needs to be done.

Reconcile client bank accounts more easily – Clearing Accounts  When you create a new client account, we create Clearing Accounts to reconcile your payments and receipts in your accounting package. We post relevant payments and receipts to the Clearing Accounts:

  • Payments for Payables: we post transactions to the “
    Money Out Clearing” account
  • ePayments for Receivables: we post transactions to the “ Money
    In Clearing” account

Replay our August 2011 Sneak Peek Webinar by clicking here

We look forward to having you online for the sneak peek! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at:

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