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Intuit App Showcase — Winning the Super Sized Check!

August 12, 2011
A big thanks to our customers for WinningMiniCheckhelping us win at the Intuit App Showcase yesterday! With the heavy chime of a loud gong, the competition was on. Out of the 30 finalists, 4 lucky developers would be able to walk away with bragging rights and a cash prize. The winners were chosen by a large group of QuickBooks ProAdvisors, venture capitalists and talented developers, and included the counting of votes from the Intuit App Showcase website.
Our COO Mark Orttung and VP of Strategic Partners Christy Ross were lucky number 16 to present, leading the 4th wave of presentations. With only 5 minutes to present, Mark and Christy delivered a high impact overview on the ways in which changes the lives of our customers. After completing the demo Mark and Christy answered a barrage of excellent questions from the judges. 

Everyone at held their breath through the remainder of the presentations which we were watching as it streamed live on the web. After a long deliberation filled with hulu dancers and drums, the winners were announced.

In a flash of excitement, we were breathing again, then shouting and cheering, as was announced as one of yesterday's four winners. YEAH!!!!!!!!

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