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4 Questions for Bucky Beeman, Owner, The Ground Force, Snappy Signals, Snappy Stop

August 8, 2011

1. How did you get into your line of work?         Rightrail_BuckyBeeman
I developed a mind for business and technology while I was still in  high school.  I needed to find a way to make money, so my friend and I started mowing lawns and we created a maintenance business called The Ground Force. I turned a common childhood job into a flourishing local business. Nearly one year after mowing our first lawn, we had 150 lawn care and maintenance customers; now we have over 1000 locations that the Ground Force maintains. My interest of entrepreneurship grew and after our success with The Ground Force, I purchased Snappy Signals and one fast food restaurant called Snappy Stop. I just love being a small business owner.

2. What have you learned through the school of hard knocks?
I learned that starting and managing a business takes a lot of work so don’t be afraid to knock on doors if you have to. I realized quickly that working 12-hour days is necessary part of being an entrepreneur. I am also a true believer that efficiency in my businesses will make me more successful and utilizing today’s technology resources helps me take amazing leaps in a short span of time.

3. What keeps you up at night?
Knowing that not everything is as efficient as it can be. Seriously, worrying about efficiencies does keep me up, but I do use that time to research and find problem solving  solutions. One of the best solutions I have found to date is

4. How has Ground_forcehelped your business chase its dreams?
The Ground Force is continually growing and now with’s new receivables solution, I have found a simplified way to improve my bill pay, invoicing and Snappystop workflow process and my customers love it. I use’s payables and document storage system for my other two businesses, Snappy Stop and Snappy Signals. Before, I had 3 filing cabinets full of receipts. Now, my financial office is mobile – I can pay bills, review receipts, send documents and invoice from anywhere, has advanced the way I run my businesses and given me the freedom to grow even more.

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4 questions

  Note: 4 Questions is a new feature on the blog where we will ask the same 4 questions of a different customer. Given the tremendous passion and can-do attitude of small and mid-sized businesses, we believe these same four questions will result not in repeat answers, but in interesting insight into many different journeys. Want to be profiled? Tweet us at @billcom and let us know!

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