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@Billcom Customer Tip – Scrap Your Filing Cabinet

August 5, 2011

Recycle your file cabinetFile_monster_cabinate
The other day, I was talking with our Controller, Gary Hornbeek about a customer relationship. I asked about the financial terms of the agreement we have with them. He said, "One sec," and pulled up from his laptop.  He then pulled up the agreement from the customer record in

When it comes time to invoice this customer, we will attach the contract to the invoice and our customer can view it from their portal account. I had another customer tell me that he gives his email address to all his vendors, which means he doesn't have to upload the bills himself. I also walked a third customer through how to save all their credit card receipts in so that they have not only the bill, but also all of the bill justification in one spot.’s flexibility can help keep your office more streamlined, efficient and effective. No more extra paperwork. No more filing cabinets.

What can you store in – need help figuring it out? Call or email, we are always here to help!

Contact us at to learn more! Add the Paperwork Monster to your Twitter Feed: @Pprworkmonster


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