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July 19, 2011, the leader in integrated bill payment, online invoicing and Intuit_its_onUS2 cash management solutions has added seamless synchronization with QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online customers can now view and send invoices online, route bills for approval, and pay them online through, but that is not all! users also experience free unlimited document storage and customer support – which comes standard with all accounts.

No More Double Entry! All bill, invoice and payment activity is matched accurately in QuickBooks Online eliminating the need to manage multiple systems or do double entry.

Take advantage of the Intuit Workplace limited time, special promotion to use and have pay your phone bills for the next 3 months* (up to $75*). Thousands of businesses are already using to save over 50% of the time and cost it takes to pay bills. And now the savings is even greater!

With the integration, it’s easy to get started instantly. Now you can download all open invoices from QuickBooks Online directly into – along with vendor lists and chart of accounts. You can begin paying bills instantly and avoid the time and costs of starting a new system. gives you complete control over your finances and gives you peace of mind to enjoy why you’re in business in the first place. Mac Frampton, performer, part owner and treasurer of Alkahest Artists & Attractions sums it up: ”It was hard to pay our artists and booking agents while I was on the road, now with I can pay everyone by direct deposit, our artists are elated and I can go on the road myself and not have to worry about their payments.”

Check out with QuickBooks Online in Intuit App Center.

Read the Alkahest Artists Case Study here

* Please visit the Intuit Website for more details on the terms of this program. Please note that the "It's on Us" Program runs until the 6th of August 2011.

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