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A financial office in the palm of my hand – virtual to do list, done!

July 9, 2011

I am sitting in the airport at half past too-early-in-the-morning-and-I-need-more-coffee. Kathleen
Why? I am traveling to my youngest sister's wedding, where I should not be ostensibly working — I have left my computer behind.

That means I am typing this blog post with my thumbs on my Mobile, which isn't as tortuous as you might imagine. Because, rather than just being the holder of the hundreds of text messages my son and my others send me, it's a mini-computer, an office in the palm of my hand.  

Any service company that doesn't "understand this" likely won't get my business.
I need to be able to operate from anywhere, anytime — especially for mission critical tasks. So once I am done doing my bit of blogging, my next task is to pay my bills — all on my Mobile and using  Another seamingly odious task, now simplified and checked off my virtual to do list, all from the airport, all on my Mobile and all easliy completed with — nothing like scaling the heights of maximum productivity over my first cup of coffee while waiting for the plane. 


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