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Case Study: LarsonAllen and NAWC Using with Intacct

June 20, 2011

A staff of eight manage the National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) who serve our nation’s private water organizations. They provide water to almost 73 million Americans across the United States.NAWC-logo

Not surprisingly, each employee at NAWC wears several hats to make daily operations flow smoothly. Mike Horner, director of administration and membership, is one of the seven staff members in NAWC's Washington D.C. office. Mike works with committees and chapters of NAWC’s 400 members, plans conventions and meetings each year, and edits the monthly ne wsletter. Mike also keeps track of payroll and pays all the bills.

For the last two years, Mike's payroll, bill pay and financial duties have been much easier, thanks to and its integration with Intacct, a web-based accounting system. “We love the service because bill approval workflow is easy, seamless and a huge time saver, but most of all, it allows us to complete our mission to be a paperless office,” said Mike.

Paying the bills wasn’t always this simple for Mike. “Before we used, we relied solely on our accounting firm, LarsonAllen, to pay all our bills,” said Mike.

Latha Saikrishnan, manager of outsourcing solutions in LarsonAllen's Arlington, Virginia office said, "Twice a month we sent an employee to NAWC's offices to cut their checks." This on-site service was quite manual, expensive, and often consumed Mike’s already over-subscribed time when the accounting person had billing questions.

Now LarsonAllen uses Intacct to keep track of NAWC's finances. LarsonAllen has integrated the accounting service with so that Mike can pay all of the bills himself. By directing his vendor payments via to pay electronically, Mike’s vendors receive their payments via check, ePayment/ACH, or PayPal. " is saving us money and gives me some independence from our accounting firm," Mike said. 

Because both and Intacct are Internet, or cloud based, instead of relying on downloadable enterprise software, clients like NAWC receive updates immediately "and don't have to pay for them," Latha said. “Instead, they pay a small monthly hosting fee that includes free customer service.”

Latha also likes the convenience. "Before, if we had questions about a bill," she said, "we'd have to bother Mike to pull documentation out of his files and email or fax it to us. "Because allows users to store all documentation online for free with the monthly service, Latha can now find answers on contracts and bills herself in a couple of minutes. “This is especially helpful during the annual audit – has helped us reduce our discovery hours to provide a faster, cleaner and more cost-effective audit.”

The integration reduces the time Mike has to spend with LarsonAllen preparing monthly financial reports and also preparing their annual audits. "We've been through two cycles, and the auditors are perfectly happy with the way the system works and how simple it is with," Mike said.

Even a small office has its protocols, and allows Mike to process bills through approval levels without anyone ever handling a piece of paper. "The system also helps my peace of mind," he said. "Before this, I'd be walking the dog or taking a shower and I'd wonder if a certain bill had been paid. Because is cloud based, I can find the details immediately, on my home computer."

“What’s best of all,” Mike said, "is that the system makes our finances more accessible and paying bills more efficient, which gives us more time to focus on water issues. This is critical for NAWC because it is our goal to educate the public on the safety of private tap water and how much healthier it is than bottled water for their families and the environment.”

“Most people would be surprised to know that we work directly with municipalities to help improve their aging water delivery systems. Not only is this important for the quality of the water we drink, but also so that our country does not face a national disaster regarding the security of our water distribution,” he added.

Download the complete case study here


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  1. We need to be proud of behind National Association of Water Companies (NAWC. They are doing whatever they can to serve us with customer satisfaction.

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