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More Summer Fun and Personal Time with

June 6, 2011

Warm sun, long days and breezy evenings…yes, you have guessed it, Summer with!

You want to look your best this summer, and so do we – check out's new look! It all works just like you remember, we just look that much better!  Log-in and let us know what you think, we would love feedback. But we are not here just to look good – we've improved some of your favorites check it all out:

Put Invoices on Auto-Pilot, Get Paid Like Clockwork
Sending the same invoices to the same customers each month?  Make it automatic! Tell us how often to email an invoice – weekly, monthly, annually – and we do the rest. Spend less time with stamps and envelopes this summer.

And while you’re automating how you send out invoices, automate how you bring in payments: encourage customers to pay automatically. They don’t have to bother with checks or remember when invoices are due. You don’t have to badger them to pay.   

It’s easier for you, and it’s easier for your customers.  Best of all, payments get deposited in your bank account on a predictable schedule.

Email an Invoice to One Person, or Two People, or Three …
Have an invoice that needs to go to more than one person?  We can do that.  Enter each email addresses ahead of time (as a contact), or do it on the fly when you’re emailing an invoice. Everyone who needs to know is “in the know”.

Details without Downloading
When a customer logs in to pay, they see everything related to an invoice (contract, estimate, photos, …) without having to download any of those documents.   Just choose to share the documents, and we’ll attach them to the end of the invoice. Your customer scrolls through the pages to see everything they need. And if they want a copy of any document for themselves, they just click the filename to download.

Customer Login Info has a whole new name, baby! We are now storing all the contact information and login credentials for your customers on the Contacts link.  This enables you to quickly manage all the contact information for a customer under one handy link!  This is especially handy if you have multiple contacts!  Click Receivables > Customers > Customer Name to check it out.

Intacct Customers:  Explore New Dimensions
Need to categorize your client's bills with a greater level of detail? Add line items to categorize by these Intacct dimensions: non-billable projects, vendor, customer, class, or employee.  Please contact Support to set up Dimensions for yourself or your clients.

Online Invoicing for QuickBooks Online (QBO)
We’ve helped you keep your payables in sync between and QBO.  Now keep your receivables in sync, too!  Each time you sync, we pick up any new unpaid invoices and customer changes from QBO, and they pick up any funds transfers and invoice changes from us.  So take care of invoices and payments in, take care of accounting in QBO, and we’ll keep them in sync.

Not a Customer Yet?
My goodness what ever are you waiting for – sign up for and feel the Summer Love!

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