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Case Study: Wegner CPAs Using with Sage Peachtree

May 2, 2011

Wegner-logo CPA Heather Richter, a senior accountant with Wegner CPAs in Madison, Wisconsin, says she's been released from one of her most tedious tasks – recording, tracking and paying her clients' paper invoices.

Richter, who works in the 62-year-old accounting firm's tax and business services department, has been using Peachtree Software to manage the accounts payable process for several clients. "One of my largest clients," Richter says, "runs a national business consultancy from an office in Vermont. Every couple of weeks, she'd mail us a package of bills, which we had to enter into our Peachtree accounting software. We'd list all the bills on a spreadsheet and send it to back to her for approvals. Once she'd approved payments, we'd have to enter all the invoices again, into our bill paying software, then cut the checks and send them to Vermont for her signature. And we kept paper files of all the invoices."

Many of those steps disappeared when Richter started using a new integration program that links Sage Peachtree's accounting package to's online bill paying software. "Now," Richter says, "bills arrive via e-mail or fax and we upload them directly into our system. Our clients approve payments online, from their offices or from wherever they're traveling, on smart phones or laptops. Approved invoices synch automatically into's paperless bill management system and get paid electronically, directly into vendors' bank accounts. Now all our files are online, so clients can see which vendors were paid and we can easily find the financial data we need for their monthly bank reconciliations and annual tax filings."

The integration system is an immediate time-saver, Richter says. "It's taken so much of the tedious work from the bill paying process. And since we're no longer dealing with paper, we're no longer worrying about lost bills or checks."

Clients also benefit. Wegner clients pay a monthly fee to the firm for accounting services, a rate that's normally increased at the start of each new year. "We gained so much time with the integration," Richter says, "that clients on the new system, including the one in Vermont, received lower increases for 2011." And their vendors are happy because they are now getting paid electronically, in three to five days, instead of waiting a week or more to receive a paper check.

Richter says that the system is providing an unexpected bonus. "We have overseas clients," she says, "including two in Finland. Now that they can access their accounts anytime, from anywhere, we don't have to schedule as many phone calls across time zones."

Wegner will use the synchronization as a marketing tool to attract more clients to its three Wisconsin offices. "A lot of clients and prospective clients tell us they want more efficient processing times in their accounts payable programs. Now we can tell them that we've found a way to speed up the process and lower their accounting fees at the same time. Small and mid-sized businesses that are watching where their money is going will appreciate this service."

“With we've gained so much time; it has taken the tedious work out of the bill payment and invoicing process!”


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