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Sneak Peek: Upgrades Coming This Weekend!

April 25, 2011

It is hard to imagine, but spring is here and so is the New We could hardly wait to get this release out – Sexy new Mobile App, Doc's attaching, Improved Cash Flow Calendar, Credit Card Payments, QuickBooks updates and more. All coming this weekend!

Here's a sneak peak:

  • Attached to Attachments: You've always been able to store documents with bills, vendors, and your company. Now you can also attach them to accounts (in your Chart of Accounts), customers, invoices, and payments received.

  • Improved Cash Flow Calendar: Get a truly complete picture of your cash flow on the calendar. Hide unpaid bills to see only actual cash payments.
  • Mobile 2.0: Need to pay bills and send invoices on the go? The Mobile does that! Approve bills. Pay bills. Add notes. View and send invoices. Collaborate with Customers. It's all there!
  • Receivables Users: Get Paid by Credit Card: We've partnered with Vantage/PayTrace, so you can set up a merchant account for accepting payments at low rates. In addition, you have the option of charging a convenience fee that appears as a separate charge and will not appear on customer invoices.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Users: Create Invoices Anywhere: You're on the open road but QuickBooks is back at the office, no problem, create invoices directly in, then sync them into QuickBooks! Once synced, make any subsequent edits to invoices in QuickBooks; or, manage your receivables in Syncing customer payments back to QuickBooks is easier now, too, we sync one journal entry for all the payments!
  • Better Approvals: You've entered your bills and they're ready, pending approval, to be paid. Now easily see who has your process hostage, and for how long in your payables overview page. No more hold-ups!
  • API Updates: Get the latest version of our API and you'll be able to manage receivables, import invoices and accept payments through your branded portal.

Best of all, because we are a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, you don't have to do anything to use these new features. No upgrades and no IT help required. Sign on to your account Saturday and the new features will all be there!

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  1. Really excited about these new features, especially the expansion to attachments and invoicing! Thanks for always thinking of and delivering more useful for your customers. I heart!!!

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