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“The Thank You Economy” Wisdom from Gary Vaynerchuk

April 13, 2011

Gary Vaynerchuk made a local appearance this week at Kepler’s bookstore in Menlo Park and a few of us Bill-dot-comers went out to hear what he had to say. We’ve read his new book “The Thank You Economy” – as well as 2009’s bestseller “Crush It” — and believe Vaynerchuk’s message can help small businesses win loyal customers for life. (It can also help small businesses turn into gargantuan ones, as evidenced by Wine Library TV metamorphosis into $60 million annual business.)

If the 234-page book had to be distilled down into a central premise, it would be these words from the book jacket:

"Gone are the days when a blizzard of marketing dollars can overwhelm the airwaves, shut out the competition, and grab customer awareness. Now customers' demands for authenticity, originality, creativity, honesty, and good intent have made it necessary for companies and brands to revert to a level of customer service rarely seen since our great-grandparents' day, when business owners often knew their customers personally, and gave them individual attention.”

Or to Twitterize this thought even further with Vaynerchuk’s own words at Monday’s gathering:

Caring is the new battleground.

If you can out-care your competitors, you win. If you don’t, someone else wins. Vaynerchuk predicts that we’re living through the biggest culture shift of our time and only brands that can be humanized have a chance of surviving.

Recognizing that small businesses are stretched as it is, Vaynerchuk recommends seeing social media outreach not as a distraction from your core business, but part of it. The most effective tool for every business owner?, which Vaynerchuk recommends business owners use daily to do an “audit” of their own business name and industry terms. Then respond quickly to happy or disgruntled customers, learn about opportunities early, listen to how customers describe their needs and join the conversation.

In short, care.

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